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Liza-Marie Prinsloo

“The interdependence of economy and ecology is becoming increasingly important when it comes to creating the kind of future we want to live in. Working at the interface of the two disciplines, we have been mastering our craft for almost 40 years now.” – Team Dr Joseph High-tech Natural Cosmetics

It is easy to be fooled by the term ‘natural’ as this is a very wide term and remains unregulated.  It is therefore important to ask the right questions and know what look for in brands that claim to be natural.

The modern consumer is increasingly interested in holistic, healthy living, reducing their potential health risks through minimizing absorption of potential toxic ingredients via the skin.  In addition, more and more a focus is placed on environmentally friendly cosmetics and a lower individual carbon footprint. Therefore, as consumers we must be educated and demand transparency.

So, what does true sustainability really look like?

Company values are important. True natural cosmetics have their history rooted in passion and a fascination for the intelligence of mother nature.  Their philosophy is more than its formulations but include values such as respectful treatment of humans, living creatures and our earth.

The basis of a truly sustainable brand is more than in its marketing. It is in its honest awareness of the consequences of its production. Sustainability includes willingness to adapt. To consider all influencing factors - from emissions, employees, communities, ingredient selection, harvesting and so much more.  The brand decisions are made accordingly. They continuously question the impact they have and consider their growth and development in the future.

Quality natural and organic ingredients

Formulations must be free from synthetic fragrances, dyes, silicones, paraffin, petroleum by-products and parabens. 

 Animal testing and cruelty is strictly forbidden.  A true sustainable product will also not sell their brand in a country where animal testing is required.

Product packaging consists mainly of natural materials and recycled plastic using solar energy. Even the boxes and paper are certified to be of sustainable sources as well as glue used from potato starch. 

 It is important to know what functional ingredients are included and not just check to see what it does not include. This is important if you are looking for skin health and results.  Quality natural cosmetics include a variety of raw materials from sustainable and organic cultivation.  Wild growth plant actives are preferred where possible. These free-growing plants, procured from their native environment contains immense concentration of functional ingredients and offer a broad spectrum of beneficial effects for healthy skin. 

Look out for certification

Certified organic and natural cosmetics are always subject to strict quality control and therefore are also committed to an environmentally friendly production and manufacturing processes.

 The ICEA seal is an independent control and certification system with international accreditations and meets the most important European criteria for organic cosmetics. They have partnered with other organic certification bodies to be the first international standard for natural and organic cosmetics. They ensure cruelty-free raw materials and ensure no raw material has undergone animal testing.

 Furthermore, ICEA ensures cosmetics undergone obligatory tests on the finished product to avoid adverse, undesired reactions. It guarantees that companies use truthful terms and support claims from reliable scientific tests and bibliographies.

 In conclusion, natural living is on the rise. Holistic interests are growing fast. Cosmetics and skin care is yet another step in the sustainability of our planet. It is guilt free skin care that promotes health of the body and the greater impact we all have on each other and our planet.

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