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-Liza-Marie Prinsloo

Since 1986 Team Dr Joseph has offered high-tech natural skincare products that harness the genius of nature for your skin health. This range uses state-of-the-art micro technologies, lipo-proteins, herbs, plants, and unique combinations of functional ingredients.  

What are micro-technologies?

Technology composed ingredients acting in synergy to prepare the skin to receive actives without causing irritation, so that it can act deeply in the skin and release all its efficiency. Micro-technologies are designed to deliver the ingredients our skin needs, exactly where they are needed in a smart way. Skincare actives only work on a cellular level if they can reach where they are needed and are in a form that the skin cells can use. One of the skin’s primary functions is to keep things out of its many different layers, which prevents ingredients from penetrating. Micro-technologies allow ingredients to penetrate deep within the skin where the magic happens.

What are lipo proteins?

They are natural ingredient carriers that are able to combine many actives together in a single formulation without causing irritation. They can deliver ingredients deeper into our dermis and they can feed our skin with ingredients it recognises and absorbs immediately. Lipo proteins also encapsulate active ingredients to protect them from disruptors like light and air which can degrade ingredients. Think of active ingredients being packaged into tiny capsules that can better protect and preserve the ingredient for a time-release delivery.

Where does the research and development start?

Dr Joseph’s curiosity & passion ignites in his garden. He has dedicated his life’s research to studying the synergy of plants, how they grow together and their connection to one another in nature as well as how to harness the healing power of plants and how to use it for healing on the human body. Dr Joseph’s deep, comprehensive understanding of plants’ fascinating world is beautifully represented in his Herbarium. It signifies the beauty of nature in a particularly noble, artistic, and at the same time, scientific way.

Ingredients available in nature are better tolerated and absorbed by the skin as the biochemical process that occurs in plants cells is like that of human cells. These naturally derived ingredients work with your skin, rather than against it, to nourish, repair, hydrate and replenish. Plant-based ingredients naturally contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other beneficial ingredients to help keep your skin looking clear and healthy. Natural ingredients have passed the test of time and proven their worth over the decades to result in beautiful, radiant skin.

What does high-tech mean?

Team Dr Joseph introduces a new technology of skincare combing nature with the latest scientific findings and high-tech delivery systems. Two worlds meet in this brand: the ancient wisdom of folk medicine and latest scientific findings. Nature has been around for many years and modern lifestyle needs to adapt. Team Dr Joseph connects the old world with the new world. Connecting these two worlds with passion, respect and logic guarantees that you receive the best of both worlds.

The goal with Team Dr Joseph is results; high-tech ensures modern client’s needs are satisfied with instant results, long-term results, and safety to include all walks of life in a spa environment. The products are also formulated to target multiple skincare concerns and delivers ingredients at a cellular level safely and effectively.

Team Dr Joseph’s product formulation concept is based on promoting skincare health for better quality of life. Health means sustainable and long-lasting beauty. That is why they work with the most intelligent laboratory in the world: nature – the commodity that thrives again and again. The most expensive laboratory in the world cannot keep up with the intelligence of a plant and there is no better brand that carefully captures the diversity of nature than Team Dr Joseph.

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