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Exfoliation is definitely a must-do step in everyone’s home care routine. There are so many benefits to exfoliating and the best part is that sloughing off dead skin immediately leads to an improved look and feel. If done correctly, make-up applies smoothly, active ingredients penetrate faster and overall, the skin’s radiance, tone and smoothness are enhanced. It can be a little bit ‘addictive’ as we want that feeling all the time.

It is therefore easy to be tricked into over exfoliation however, this is a step where one should often apply the concept of ‘less is more’. One needs to remember that the skin is an intelligent protective organ. Its purpose is to protect. Any damage to the protective functions of the skin can lead to the opposite of the desired effects we set out to achieve.

How to know if you over exfoliate?

Over exfoliating with physical exfoliators such as scrubs with granules that are not round but have an uneven shape, can cause little tears in the skin barrier. This means the skin’s protective qualities have been reduced and no good can come of that. Moisture escapes and ultimately a loss elasticity occurs. The skin will become rough, red with an increased tendency for inflammations and infections. And yes, they will make your breakouts and scarring worse.
Over exfoliating with chemical exfoliators may cause skin thinning, premature aging, sensitivity, hyperpigmentation and severe dryness.

What’s the difference with QMS exfoliators?

With QMS we believe in consistency over intensity. So, you can get your cake and eat it! Exfoliate often but with intelligently designed products. QMS incorporates a variety of natural fruit acids suitable for all skin types and ages. Not only are they perfectly balanced and effective; they are safe, easy to use while they also deliver maximum results in the shortest amount of time.

They are, advanced, non-toxic and is safe enough to be used all year around – and even daily if you love to exfoliate.

QMS fruit acids may even be applied to the under-eye contours to target signs of aging.
To make our fruit acids even better, the formulations are fortified with hyaluronic acid as well as pre-and probiotics that boost the skin’s microbiome.

Why fruit acids?

The short answer is that they deliver results and enhance the natural regeneration of the skin. They have multiple benefits all in one formulation. Fruit acids, also known as AHA’s, stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis in the skin thereby contributing to a firmer and plumper skin. They dissolve intercellular glue between dead skin cells and de-clog the skin to give a smooth, even skin texture -free from congestion and blemishes. Fruit acids brighten and lighten dull skin, not only from removing dead skin but enhancing oxygenation, improving circulation and detoxification.

Goodbye dull skin! Hello healthy glow!

There is no doubt that QMS offers superior, safe exfoliation. There is a perfect option for you. Visit our QMS product page to find out more or contact us for personalized advice.

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